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  3. Expression platforms : UnHIDE (not just an Open Mic)
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UnHIDE For Caregivers

NICHE Advocacy Foundation is back with UnHIDE (not just an open mic) : For Caregivers

We invite you to be a part of our open mic for Designated Care-Givers of family members suffering from chronic disorders, neurological, psychiatric or any other.

People with chronic disorders have special needs. Once the diagnosis is done, someone from the family is naturally designated as the main care giver for such patients. It may be the son or daughter, wife or husband, daughter-in-law or someone else.
The Care-givers (Designated naturally) also have needs and need to take care of their own health. Various researches have shown that there is tremendous burden on the Designated Care Giver (DCG).
If the DSG can care for their own health in an efficient manner, only then can they look after the particular patient.

We have designed this special open mic session for DCGs to share their care giving experience and to express their needs.

You will be provided 4 minutes to share your information, your patients diagnosis and your journey of care giving in brief.

We launch our special support group for DCG on Sunday, 20 February 2022. We will be customising the group for providing support and personal skill development for DCGs.

For further details please WhatsApp on
Bableen Vij,
(Psychologist and Trauma Counsellor, Chief coordinator of Support Group)

Click the link to Register : https://forms.gle/aPhLJY6SfRdXR8769

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