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Date: February 6, 2020

Venue: Nivara, PuneĀ 

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Attended by 45 participants 

Collaboration: Sanvedana, support group for People with Epilepsy headed by Mrs. Yashoda Wakankar

Sanvedana is a special support group for People with Epilepsy. They run a unique initiative of a marriage bureau for people with epilepsy and with other invisible disorders. As a part of their annual meeting of prospective brides and grooms, we were invited to conduct a workshop for relationship management and self care. Trainers from NICHE Advocacy Foundation: Dr. Poornima Gauri, Dr. Ashwini Gijare. Assistant Trainer: Dr. Moutoshee Roy Chaudhary. The participants enjoyed the ice-breaking activities as well as the workshop on Assertive communication and self care. They interacted freely on the discussion of relationships. We also had the immense pleasure of interacting with Late Dr. Anil Awachat!