Providing services for Emotional Wellness.

To provide services for Emotional Wellness.
Caregiver Health
Support Group
Caretaker training
Group Therapy

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Group Therapy

Individuals in similar situations can benefit from sessions conducted in groups. They learn from each other as well as the trainer. Empathy about each other and an insight. in their own problems takes them on an introspective journey and helps in problem solving with creative and critical solutions. 

Care Givers Health : Support Group

We’re here to look after the Emotional Wellness caregivers. Caregivers are people usually relatives who look after themselves and patients with long term illnessesThe Support Group makes the caregiver and the patient feel emotionally strength, support, and empowers caregivers.We do this through meetings with exchange of thoughts and ideas, open mic sessions, and online lectures, discussions and training workshops that help you get better at handling your emotions. It’s all about helping everyone involved feel better and more capable.


Other Services

Services Provided

  • Counseling and coaching
  • Training the Caretaker
  • Home Healthcare Services
  • Neuro-Rehab Services
  • Palliative Care Services

Upcoming Projects

  • Counselling and Coaching Services :
Team Mentorship Program
  • Earn and Learn Cafe (Saksham)
  • Neurorehabilitation and Neuropalliation services
  • Mentorship Program

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