We work on Emotional Wellness for All

from prevention
 (focused on youth) to palliation
 (caregivers and patient)


To conduct skill-development training and research for Emotional Wellness.


To provide services for Emotional Wellness.


To create awareness through outreach and advocate for Emotional Wellness.

About Us

NICHE Advocacy Foundation works towards Emotional Wellness of all with a special focus on the youth.

We create impact through our various interventions for development and refinement of Emotional Wellness skills.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) defines Health as a state of complete physical, mental and social well being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

In other words, health isn’t just about being unwell. It’s about being physically, mentally and socially fit. And while there are plenty of ways to get in shape physically and do well in school, it’s not so easy to find proper training for Emotional Wellness.

That’s where we come in. We offer a “cafeteria approach” to Emotional Wellness. It’s like picking and choosing what works best for you to feel emotionally fit and happy.

WHO defines 
‘Health’ as not mere absence of disease or infirmity but the presence of Physical, Mental and Spiritual Well-Being

Emotional Wellness
and Resilience

How we feel inside affects our mental and social health. The World Health Organization (WHO) talks about 10 important skills for being mentally and socially healthy, and they’re all part of what we call emotional intelligence. Adaptive skills are related to Emotional Wellness and our behavior. 

NICHE creates platforms to develop these skills from prevention to palliation.

Our Vision

Emotional Wellness for All – From Prevention to Palliation

Conferences, symposia, events, services, workshops, talk series, social media content, short films, blogs, infotainment, open mic, art

Cafeteria approach

Emotional Wellness, though arguably, a simple concept, is a skill set that is hard to implement. Emotional Wellness Tool Kit is essential for everyone but hard to achieve.
We have designed a variety of interventions through programs, events, workshops, talk series, social media content, short films, blogs. We have used mediums of language, music, visual art and performances. The end result is a menu card of a variety of activities catering to different levels of understanding and choice. The objective is impact creation.


My journey with NICHE Advocacy Foundation began in April 2022 as a volunteer. Through hard work and dedication, I’ve advanced within the organization and now proudly hold the position of Junior Executive. I learnt a lot from Dr. Poornima Gauri During my time here, I’ve had the privilege of taking part in some exciting events like Rishton Ka Manja and hosting UnHIDE – Not Just an Open Mic. I’ve also had the opportunity to attend workshops like the Resilience Workshop and Train the Trainer, which were incredibly beneficial. Additionally, I learned the importance of maintaining a work audit, or work log.
One of the most fulfilling experiences has been leading a team of 25 interns.
Witnessing the organization’s transformation and refining my own skills has been truly remarkable.NICHE Advocacy Foundation has not only helped me become more empathetic but has also contributed to my growth as a better leader, although I acknowledge that I’m still learning and evolving. I am genuinely grateful for this journey and the personal and professional growth it has brought into my life.


Manasi Parad

My journey with NICHE Advocacy Foundation has been nothing but splendid!

I joined NICHE in the July of 2022 as a content writing Intern for a 4 and a half months period and then came back as a Research+Clinical Intern in the September of 2023.

At NICHE, I learned a lot more than just technical jargon- I learnt innumerous life skills and the true meaning of life. From understanding the basics of right to autonomy to understanding deep concepts of the concept of prevention to palliation, NICHE has bestowed upon me immense knowledge and experience.At NICHE, I made relations that would last with me forever and met people whom I can always rely on.Talks with Dr. Gauri has been nothing but enlightening and absolutely fun!NICHE helped me grow as a personality, as a leader, and most importantly as a human.I feel proud to call myself an Advocate for Emotional wellness who was nurtured at NICHE Advocacy Foundation!I know that there will be a day when NICHE will be the most pioneering Organization in the field of Emotional Wellness for all and I will be proud to call myself an early part of it!This is the place you would want to be to become the best version of yourself.


Ameya Surve

My experience at NICHE has honed my ability to craft effective communication materials, such as informative handouts, to engage and inform the audience effectively.

Working closely with the Director Dr Poornima Ma’am at NICHE , I gained valuable insights into strategizing and executing successful advocacy campaigns, enhancing my proficiency in campaign planning and implementation.

My role not only allowed me to contribute creatively to the organization’s web presence but also provided me with hands-on experience in hosting and managing events, solidifying my event coordination skills.


Yug Deshpande

Hi everyone,

My name is Bableen and I have my masters in Psychology. I am a trauma-informed therapist and I like working with kids. I am an  introvert, coffee lover an I do binge watching in my free time. 

NICHE Advocacy Foundation and Poornima ma’am have taught me to come out of my comfort zone, taught me leadership skills, gave me the courage to take up the stage and me learn the most essential skills: asking for help. I also learnt assertiveness which was very difficult for me as I was afraid I might hurt the other person, but NICHE Advocacy Foundation taught me how to do it without hurting someone and the importance of it! I am grateful to NICHE for teaching me these important life skills and for pushing me out of my comfort zone.


Bableen Vij

I am Neha Joshi, currently pursuing MS Computer Engineering at Texas A&M University. I love technology and want to be a part of next generation tech innovations.

I want to constantly strive for learning more and being a better version of myself.

Association with Dr. Poornima Gauri Mam and NICHE Advocacy Foundation has totally changed my perspective towards the different situations in my life. My journey with NICHE has bern extremely enriching so far. I have been learning thoroughly about emotional and mental wellbeing! Long way to go with NICHE Advocacy Foundation!

Heartiest Congratulations on the 4th anniversary and I am proud of being a part of this splendid organization!


Neha Joshi

In my prior internships focused on psychological and psychiatric settings, I developed a specific approach to cases. Joining the NICHE internship under neurologist Dr. Poornima Gauri for neurodegenerative cases shattered my comfort zone. Initially overwhelmed, I gradually embraced the unfamiliar, gaining a profound understanding without bias. One poignant case involved a matriarch’s dementia, leading to a role reversal with the daughter-in-law. Dr. Poornima emphasized the loss of personality in dementia, evoking intense emotions. Despite the emotional rollercoaster, the clinic offered solace through counseling and caregiver support. Witnessing patients’ progress, like Ms. DP’s improvement with Parkinson’s symptoms, was rewarding. The diversity of disorders and patients’ resilience proved motivating. Beyond cases, Dr. Poornima’s insights from 25 years of experience were captivating, providing a unique aspect to the internship. Supported by Manasi ma’am, the experience was enriched by Dr. Poornima’s positive demeanor and lively interactions. Grateful for this opportunity, the internship transcended clinical learning, offering a holistic experience.


Dimple Lala

My internship journey with NICHE Advocacy Foundation, which began on September 13, 2023, has been an incredible experience. It has not only boosted my self-confidence but also allowed me to uncover and develop hidden talents. Initially brought on board as a website content writer, but the NICHE team has been giving me diverse roles within the organization including project management, editing, and design. This journey feels like a panoramic view of myself from within and I got to know my true self which exactly led me towards the correct path that what I have to do and What I am weird for. 


While my academic background is in finance, I’m also passionate about writing, and this internship has given me the opportunity to delve into both worlds. I’m immensely thankful for the serendipity that connected me with Dr. Poornima Gauri and introduced me to the NICHE family. It has been a beautiful journey of self-discovery, revealing my strengths, highlighting areas for growth, and unveiling new avenues for exploration. Forever grateful to my NICHE family for trusting me and recognizing my strengths.


Akshara Phadke

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