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What basically Self Awareness means?

Self-awareness is one of the 10 core life skills stated by W.H.O. It is simply the ability to see yourself clearly and objectively through reflection and introspection.
It includes gaining an understanding of an insight into one’s strengths and weaknesses and how others are impacted based on one’s behavior responses and conduct. It is one of the 12 skills taught in the Intensive Training Module (ITM) by the Niche Advocacy Foundation.

Types of Self Awareness

As discussed in the ITM session, there are two types of self-awareness: Public and Private.
Public self-awareness often emerges in situations when people are the center of attention such as well giving a presentation or talking to a group of friends. This type of self Awareness often compels people to adhere to social norms. When we are aware that we are being watched and evaluated we often try to behave in ways that are socially acceptable and desirable.
Private self-awareness on the other hand happens when people become aware of some aspects of themselves only in a private way. For example, seeing your face in the mirror is a type of private self-awareness or feeling your heart flutter when you see someone you’re attracted to is also a great example. Close family members and friends are privy to some aspects of our private life, as we let our got down in front of them and hence they become an invaluable aid in helping us assess ourselves.

SWOT Analysis

The ITM is full of activities to make the skills for teaching interactive. The activity carried out during this session was SWOT-analysis. SWOT-analysis helps us to identify our strengths, to challenge or limitations (weaknesses), to take the greatest possible advantage of the opportunities available to us, and how to overcome the threats looping over us. In order to upgrade yourself as a better version of yourself SWOT analysis plays an important role.

The Benefits of Self Awareness

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One of the major benefits includes a deep understanding of the internal and public self which helps us understand and therefore regulate our behavior. Being self-aware helps you know your strengths and weaknesses, therefore it helps to set intentions and goals in life. Possessing the ability to understand yourself and others around you. Helps open your mind to a new perspective and also helps you look at yourself objectively. Self-awareness can improve our self-esteem because we will know who we are and what we believe in, which empowers us to move forward through life for the strong rather guide us along our chosen path. I also had the same experience when I became self-aware of myself. Because if you don’t know the abilities of oneself, then how will you be able to upgrade yourself to a higher level.


This is a crucial part of emotional intelligence therefore emotional fitness which is something that lies at the core of this Foundation. Without awareness and understanding about ourselves and a sense of self rooted in our own values, it is hard if not impossible to be aware of and respond to the emotions of others and ourselves. This what I learned in the ITM session.

Author: Qutbuddin Bhopalwala
Junior Intern,
NICHE Advocacy Foundation

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