To create awareness through outreach and advocate for Emotional Wellness.
Open Mic
Expert Talks
Visual Art


Musical Infotainment Program

These are our flagship programs with high impact. They are entertaining and with mind blowing information about Emotional Wellness, Brain Health and Neuroscience.
We perform for various clubs, organizations and national institutes.
Mixing popular songs with knowledge adds to all the fun! In addition our reels and short films provide perspective along with entertainment. Scalable and customised programs available. 

Unhide- Not Just an Open mic

We invite participants to express themselves about a variety of topics. They choose the format of the expression. Can be a song, storytelling, poetry, dance performance, magic tricks, stand up comedy,. The topics can range from heartbreak and headache to health, Insights, inspirations to insomnia to dreams, depression to dignity, epilepsy to epiphany,
It’s an Open mic. Sometimes, we bring in experts to share their wisdom. We mix it up, too. We might have a panel chat or a Q&A session, or we might interview someone who chased their dream with wild passion and made it happen against all odds. It could be a friendly debate. Hence, the ‘not just’. It’s a chance to connect, share, and learn from one another.


We give artists a platform to create art that has a social message. They learn about emotional Wellness and the brain. They then pour their thoughts, emotions and efforts into their artwork.We also display their art in exhibitions at regional and national levels to get people talking about these important topics. Pictures have a lot to say, and this is a big way we get the word out about our causes.Manarang has been conducted twice for Epilepsy Awareness.Watch this space for more!

Let’s Talk About

This series of expert talks is for creating awareness on common and uncommon topics in neuroscience (Neurology, Psychology, Psychiatry) and caregiving
We have conducted several programs in this series.


Let’s Talk About on YouTube

To watch our videos on Let’s Talk About (LTA) visit our YouTube channel


Feeling emotionally well is important right up to our final moments in life. It’s our basic human right to decide how we want to be treated in those last stages. “Mrityunjay” is our special event where we create awareness about a dignified death.
In this three-hour program, we dive into all the different aspects of a good death and dying – things like how it affects us socially, emotionally, legally, and psychologically. Our panel of experts includes psychiatrists, intensivitis, neurologists, lawyers, and social workers. We cover topics like Advance Care Directives, Living Wills, Palliative Care, and End-of-Life Care. It’s a thought provoking discussion, making sure our final moments are as we want them to be.

Rishton ka Manjha

This is a specially curated program that covers the 10 foundational Emotional Wellness skills.

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