UnHIDE (not just an open mic) 14


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Author: Simran Puthawala, Ahmedabad, India

The 14th session of UnHIDE (not just an open mic) held on Sunday, 31st May 2020, was very informative. This session was hosted by Sonali Tumbde, She started the session by singing a beautiful song, and mentioned a line ‘UnHIDE pr khudko express karna hai’.

The first sharing was by Akshada, in which she performed a semi-classical dance on the song Jashn-e-bahara from ‘Jodha Akbar’. It was indeed a great performance. The next sharing was by Neha Gorthi, who is a social science researcher. She talked about the migrant laborers and as well as the impact of COVID-19 on the unorganized workers and she shared her feeling by reciting a poem written by her on migrant labourers, which expresses their condition. It was followed by Rupa Kanwinde who is a Nutrionist and food preserving consultant. She recited a beautiful poem in Marathi on the current COVID situation.

Next we had an eminent expert Dr. Arvind Panchanadikar, a consultant psychiatrist who gave us a very informative first dose of info capsules. We had a great talk with him on schizophrenia that can affect people between the age of 16-30 years. He strongly recommended everyone to watch the movie Devrai to get more knowledge about Schizophrenia and get to know about what actually it is and how to manage it. He explained through simplifications, that Schizophrenia is a disorder of illusions. He explained by giving great examples and mentioned its symptoms dividing them into positive symptoms and negative symptoms. This was indeed very informative.

Moving further we had another guest speaker Madam Sandhya Durge, a Psychiatric social worker and founder of support groups and associations as well, From her we got our second dose of info capsules. She started with a story of a lady suffering from schizophrenia and explaining that family support is very important for any patient suffering from Schizophrenia. She talked about Social rehabilitation, care givers, mental illness, rehabilitation of patients and much more. She gave a very good message that we should treat the patients with love and care and most importantly we must have patience with them as that would help them improve and stabilize. She also said a very deep line ‘thak kar nahi chalega’ as it is a continuous process and we need to work on it as a team so that we can do rehabilitation of schizophrenia patients around us.

And then moving to our next participant, we had Dr. Prashant Jani from Canada sharing his work and inspirations with us through a presentation which showed us his work that he is currently doing in India as well as in Canada. He is working in the field of Cancer Pathology under which he organizes various conferences and meetings in many other parts of the world while donating various equipments to India. He also shared with us an opportunity to join his classes of Bhagvad Gita online, which is actually a great opportunity to learn life lessons.

Moving ahead we had our next participant Dulari Pawar with her great dance performance with beautiful expressions spreading the message, my mother land abounds in natural wealth, and my mother land remains the queen of lands. Further moving on we had Anusha Gawde presenting details to us about Madhubani Art that is a folk art of India particularly from Bihar region and 2500 years old and  that is depicted with simple art and colors. Each form in it has its own meaning just like peacock symbolizing love, elephant representing power. She showed the beauty of this art by drawing some forms of this art that was indeed a great art work.

Over and above all this we had Dr. Poornima announcing the upcoming event that is Summerscool for children’s aging between 10-15 years for their benefits and making them learn various life-skills.

Moving on we had Sunil Deshpande as our participant sharing his project of working with bamboos with the villagers. He also shared his positivity with us and his innovative ideas as well. He also mentioned that they are now working on Corona mukt rakhi that they would be innovating during this lockdown period.

Then after we had an expert Dr. Prasana Gadre with us giving us the third dose of info-capsules, talking to us on the topic of Intimacy and Sexuality in a very good manner of letting us understand about such sensitive topics in a very informative and easy going manner and gave a panoramic view on such topics. He explained this by his dream that he had. He also let us know that the word   intimacy is being derived from the word intima which had various meanings like deep, something prolonged, extremely closed, being nude etc. He also explained us about psychological nudity which was a new concept for many. He also mentioned that we need to increase our healthy emotions and decrease our unhealthy emotions. The information provided by him was really very deep and informative for all of us.

Then moving further we had Ashwini singing the song ‘Itni shakti hume dena data’ in her sweet voice. Followed by Aditi singing a melodious song from the movie Neerja dedicating to all COVID fighters in current situation.

Then after coming to an end  Dr Prasanna Gadre who summarized the presentations of the event and  this was followed by a prayer for the audience.