#2 COVID tales: UnHIDE

We need to talk. We need to UnHIDE. UnHIDE: express yourself. So this is no less than a third world war. Instead of waiting for a bomb to drop down from the sky, we wait with bated breaths for the statistics to change and give us a lesser number of Corona-affected patients. Never has the

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UnHIDE held on 24/05/2020

Author: Arya Swami, Intern, NICHE Advocacy Foundation The 12th session of UnHIDE held on 24th May 2020, was indeed a special one. It began with the host, Hrishabh Yadav, one of the e-interns working with NICHE Advocacy Foundation, introducing the day’s session with a few lines and welcoming the audience. The very first sharing was

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Rishton Ka Manja: a report

Authors: Arya Swami, (Bangalore, INDIA); Simran Puthawala (Ahmedabad, INDIA), Shagun Singh (Patna, INDIA), Anett Maritim ( Nairobi, KENYA) The phrase ‘Rishton ka Manja’ refers to the fluidity of human relationships and the human mind, much like the agility of the ‘manja’, which is not just any ordinary rope or thread, but a paradoxically sturdy yet

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Saksham Mini

Attended by 45 participants  Collaboration: Sanvedana, support group for People with Epilepsy headed by Mrs. Yashoda Wakankar Sanvedana is a special support group for People with Epilepsy. They run a unique initiative of a marriage bureau for people with epilepsy and with other invisible disorders. As a part of their annual meeting of prospective brides

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