What basically Self Awareness means? Self-awareness is one of the 10 core life skills stated by W.H.O. It is simply the ability to see yourself clearly and objectively through reflection and introspection.It includes gaining an understanding of an insight into one’s strengths and weaknesses and how others are impacted based on one’s behavior responses and […]


“Critical thinking "

Critical Thinking outside the four walls of classroom

#intensivetrainingmodule #Nicheadvocacyfoundation #emotionalfitness #criticalthinking #mentalfitness Author:Akshata Tagalpallewar(Pursuing B.E. , Nagpur)Junior intern at NICHE ADVOCACY FOUNDATION Critical thinking, as a concept, has become a corporate buzzword, much like “diversity” and “core competency”. Critical thinking helps us in determining what is real or true and what’s not. And I realized that when I attended a unique session

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Author: Harsimran Kaur Vij (Nagpur), Junior Intern, Niche Advocacy Foundation Emotions and Stress are what you feel; it’s a response. To me, it’s a feeling which you express, when your mental or emotional pressure overburdens you. And nowadays, everyone is dealing with stress so much. There are two types of stress in general, Eustress (the

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And this is how “Assertiveness” became my ‘Ultimate Problem Solver’!!!

#intensivetrainingmodule #Nicheadvocacyfoundation #emotionalfitness #Assertiveness #mentalfitness Author: Harshita Saxena(student of B.A.LL.B , Gwalior)Junior Intern at NICHE ADVOCACY FOUNDATION Aggression or Submission?Have you ever been in a stressful situation by choosing one of them?You must have had, right? Believe me, Knowingly or Unknowingly, we all get stuck somewhere between being passive and aggressive in our lives. And

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विस्कटलेले नाते पुन्हा सावरले.

Author: Arpita Joshi (Nagpur), Junior intern,Niche Advocacy Foundation. लॉकडाऊन च्या काळात मी माझ्यातील कौशल्याचा विकास करण्याचे ठरवले. रोज नवनवीन पेंटींग बनवणे, गाण्याचा रियाज करणे किंवा रोज चविष्ट पदार्थ बनवणे एवढच नही तर या आधी कधिही नृत्य देखील केले नव्हते पण ते देखील शिकले. आणि मग काय, या सगळ्याचे फोटोस किंवा वीडियोज़ बनवून इंस्टाग्राम, फेसबुक, वॉट्सएप्प

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What is Empathy?

Author: Priyanshi Mukharaiya, Law student, (Doing BA.LLB) Gwalior, Interning under NICHE Advocacy Foundation.  Empathy is the intellectual identification of the thought, feelings or state of another person. It is the capacity to understand another person’s point of view or the result of such understanding. In simple words we can say, empathy is the ability to imagine

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Listening Skill

Author: Hrushikesh Bang, Final Year Civil Engineering, RCOEM, Nagpur; Intern (NICHE Advocacy Foundation)  Listening is the process of receiving, interpreting and then reacting to a message of a speaker. The first and foremost communication skills is Listening, Listening is most important communication skill. Like other skills Listening requires practice. Listening requires attention. Listening Vs Hearing

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