My experience with NICHE Advocacy Foundation


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Author: Arya Swami, Mysore, INDIA

My journey with NICHE Advocacy Foundation began a couple of weeks ago when I attended an ‘UnHIDE (not just an open mic)’ session. This initiative created a deeper interest and curiosity in me which led me to apply for the e-Internship as soon as I heard about it.

It is only my third day interning with NICHE Advocacy Foundation and I’m astounded by how much one gets to learn from an experience like this in such a short span of time. Right from helping organize an upcoming event to the very fact that I’m already recording my experience is telling of the engagement and learning opportunities that NAF creates.

One of the main reasons that I felt compelled to intern with a foundation like NICHE Advocacy Foundation is the lack of awareness on mental health and emotional fitness throughout the globe which is something that lies at the core of this foundation.

I would also like to mention the appreciation I have for the group leaders and my co-interns for being so passionate and diligent with their work. I believe that this enthusiasm is imperative for a body working for a cause.

While the foundation is constantly generating ideas for various events that engage and benefit all age groups, it also gives each intern equal leadership opportunities to build and develop required skills.

The principles and thought-through systems that the foundation runs on are inspiring and continue to carry the cause forward!

I hope to help with driving this change.

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