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Author: Maritim Anett, KENYA

date : May 08, 2020

I never knew internships could be done online, until I joined NICHE Advocacy Foundation, where creativity is the order of the day. Just a few minutes into the online induction, we got to learn the concept of emotional fitness. Have you ever thought you need a healthy balance of your emotions for your mental health?


The internship is just beginning, the stars are shinning brighter on this end. This is where team work is experienced at it’s best. The world is practicing social distancing, but we choose not to distance socially. NICHE Advocacy Foundation has created for us a safe space, where we still connect, work, share and learn.

Life has it’s highs and lows, I can be a leader today and tomorrow when I’m not a leader, I should be able to accept to be led. This is a skill that I learnt during the induction. Acquiring life skills is vital in making us to be better individuals and the world a better place to be in. These life skills will be taught mainly during summerscool. Preparations are already underway! 

You don’t want to miss!

Stay masked,


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