Goals and Strategy #1


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Working on strategy isn’t easy! It is not a whim. It is an organised plan.

Get to know yourself better. Explore your goals. Choose wisely. Make a list of pros and cons for them.

Think about-

1) do you have passion about what you plan to do ? If yes, then and only then think further.

2) are there means to finance your idea? Can the finances be arranged ?

3) does the society need what you have to offer ? Can the need be created ?

4) do you have the talent for it? If Yes- great! If No- can you develop it? If yes – great. Be prepared to work consistently towards it. If no- can you hire the talent? If yes- go ahead. If no- revise your idea.

Take time to dwell and brood over these aspects of your goals. Do you see yourself getting closer to your dream through your goals? Don’t be afraid to revisit and revise your goals. Everyone changes. Goals can change to. As the context of life changes, the goals can take up different forms.

This stage can be time and attention consuming. Give yourself a time limit. And be honest with yourself.

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