Manasi Parad


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My journey with NICHE Advocacy Foundation began in April 2022 as a volunteer. Through hard work and dedication, I’ve advanced within the organization and now proudly hold the position of Junior Executive. I learnt a lot from Dr. Poornima Gauri

During my time here, I’ve had the privilege of taking part in some exciting events like Rishton Ka Manja and hosting UnHIDE – Not Just an Open Mic. I’ve also had the opportunity to attend workshops like the Resilience Workshop and Train the Trainer, which were incredibly beneficial. Additionally, I learned the importance of maintaining a work audit, or work log.

One of the most fulfilling experiences has been leading a team of 25 interns. Witnessing the organization’s transformation and refining my own skills has been truly remarkable.

NICHE Advocacy Foundation has not only helped me become more empathetic but has also contributed to my growth as a better leader, although I acknowledge that I’m still learning and evolving. I am genuinely grateful for this journey and the personal and professional growth it has brought into my life.