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Written by – Dr. Poornima, Neurologist, Pune

We are advocates of personal change !

Personal change for personal growth!

We are an NGO- a Non-Government Organization – a section 8 company, which works for social profit – society benefits through our activities.

(A) Background – The World Health Organization (WHO) says ‘Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity’. (1)

Mental health and emotional fitness are an integral part of health. As an NGO we understand the importance of mental, emotional and spiritual health, especially in this age and era of technological advances and personal isolation. Each person has a right to be the best version of their own selves. (Self actualisation) We advocate for that right. We have started a ripple which should surely form a wave and a tsunami of personal awareness and desire for self actualization.

We currently live in times of several paradoxes. We have complex sources of stress and dissatisfaction. Social structure is changing rapidly. We are surrounded by excess information in an environment of personal isolation. Families are shrinking but geographical boundaries are disappearing.

People across various social and economic states need to be educated about the information and trained in the techniques for honing the mind. People need to be empowered with the tool kit to manage the day-to-day stress of modern life. People need to be trained in the basic life skills of emotional intelligence.


The word ‘ADVOCACY‘ has many shades to it. (2,3) We use it for its broader, non-legal implications. We give support and are campaigning for Mental, Emotional and Spiritual health of an individual. We are campaigning and advocating for each person to try to be the best version of himself/herself (self actualization).

Niche, in architecture, is a decorative recess set into a wall for the purpose of displaying an art object. ‘Niche’ also means a unique segment or field of work or expertise. (4), (5) Wiktionery explains an extended meaning of Niche: Any position of opportunity for which one is well-suited. (6)

Our ‘Niche’ is our unique ability to 1) access information and 2) train people under us, both in the field of psychological techniques of self growth and refinement.

Hence our NICHE is also an acronym for Neuroplasticity for Individual and Community Health Education.

I, personally as a neurologist, have access to the ongoing research in the field of Neuroscience. My colleagues and team members hail from the fields of Psychiatry, Psychology, Counseling, Human resources, Engineering and Management. With experience from life and access to research in the field of psychology, we are bound together by the urge to bring to the people the information and technique of personal change.


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